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Significance of Communication amid Corporate Changes

Eglė Kačenauskienė • Human resources manager • 2021-09-20

Targeted communication is important for any organization. Moving forward and growing both individually and as a company is only possible if there is clear communication, ability to express   own   thoughts,   ideas   and   proposals   without   being   afraid   of   reasonable   criticism. Communication   is   the   priority   in   introduction   of   new   processes   or   practices,   which   are inherent to any organization striving for the best. Despite an apparent act of communication, sometimes it eventually turns out to be ineffective, as people have failed to find common grounds. This, in turns, leads to a series of issues preventing everyone from working towards shared company goals effectively. There may be various reasons for a failed communication: starting with personality differences, inability to transfer concise information to failure to listen to and hear another person, etc. It is nonetheless important to continue exploring the solutions, not be afraid to make mistakes and learn the lessons, thus making gradual steps towards more effective communication.

We put every effort to maintain strong communication among all the team members. In the end, growth, expansion, new solutions or changes in the internal culture are quite challenge to all of us.. To make sure that the implemented solutions are effective and accepted by the employees, not only a clear plan, but also clear communication is important as it helps assure successful dissemination of information and early problem identification. It is therefore very important   to   communicate   with   the   employees   consistently   on   the   reasons   behind implementation of certain solutions, improvement of the processes, arguments for positive aspects of the changes and everyone’s response to it. Is it easy for us? Definitely not! We learn a lot, face challenges, but we never stop. We have introduced another communication channel for more effective dissemination of the information, and have started holding joint meetings with all the employees. At the meetings, we speak about the organization, answer their questions, discuss the processes and ideas, update everyone on the latest developments within the organization, and try to make sure that everyone responds and expresses their opinion, as each member of our organization is very important.

Positive working environment is one of our corporate values. This means that we care about employee   relationship,   their   opinion   and   proposals.   We   therefore   try   to   make   sure   and encourage   employees   to   be   not   just   employees,   but   also   full   members   of   the   company, contribute to implementation of certain solutions, communicate with each other and join the common   efforts   by   creating   the   work   atmosphere   that   everyone   feels   good   in.   We   see communication within our company as a priority and consistently seek to improve it, apply various techniques and methods, use several communication channels and etc. When we are all trying and doing it together, we can see the progress across the company and can continue moving towards our set goals.