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Ruby Programming Language

Ignas Jurjonas • CEO • 2021-09-21

Why the Ruby?

The Ruby programming language is important in our company's operations. Although we also work with other programming languages, Ruby is still on the top of our programming language list. The Ruby has a syntax that is easily understandable to the human, and this facilitates our team’s work considerably enabling its members to perform their tasks effectively. This language is also very solid and based on innovation as it constantly changes and integrates new practices. Operational changes within the company and progress towards innovations are one of the key aspects of our company, and our needs match perfectly.

Community is another important aspect of the Ruby language. The developer community provides support and motivation, and it is always nice and interesting to discuss and share experience with other members of the community. In case of any questions, our team members know that they can easily seek support not only within the company, but also ask for advice in the international community of the Ruby enthusiasts.

Looking from my perspective, as the CEO of the company, one of the most important advantage of the Ruby programming language is the fairly low cost of maintenance: the Ruby language and its structure develop continuously. Hence, it is ideal for the companies that are looking for a programming language that does not require major investments.

We use the Ruby in Rails framework to develop a functional product prototype within a short period of time, which is also very important for startups.

Our company has been using the Ruby language for 8 years already, and we are confident that this language has enabled our partners and clients to reduce the programming costs through various solutions. This enables us to meet the clients’ expectations in a fast and quality manner and provide the services they actually need.

Although there are not so many companies using the Ruby programming language on the Lithuanian market, in global terms, the Ruby is the 5th most common programming language used by unicorn companies.

This programming language is used by the globally renowned brands, such as SpaceX, Airbnb, Slack, Wix, and a lot of others.